The LDC is a Statutory Body, our role is enshrined in legislation (NHS Act 1977 and Health & Social Care Act 2003). We are a democratic body comprising of Worcestershire dentists, elected by Worcestershire dentists.

Support & Advice

Worcestershire LDC is a proud and very proactive LDC. We offer support and advice to our electorate and the running of our Committee is paid, in accordance with the law, by collection of the statutory levy from GDS Providers, GDS and PDS Performers, but not necessarily PDS Providers. We do not represent fully private practitioners, or dentists who do not work in Worcestershire.

There is also an additional voluntary levy that practitioners can contribute to; this levy is used to help fund bodies like the British Dental Guild and the Dentists’ Health Support Trust. The LDC also represents those colleagues working in the salaried services.

LDC Structure

The LDC has an Executive made up of

Chair – Ravi Solanki

Vice Chair – Thegan Moodley

Secretary – Shanta Mestry

Treasurer Pritesh Solanki

The total number of members on the committee is 4 with 2 co- opted  positions up for election every 2 years.

Meetings are held every few months. We are happy to discuss any issues raised by dentists in the area and to take those issues to the Area Team Commissioners.

For further information, advice and support contact your Worcestershire LDC Leadership Team via our contact form.